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Copper Repiping Los Angeles

Los Angeles Copper Repiping Plumbing Services. Craig’s Plumbingis a Los Angeles Copper Repiping Plumbing Company that uses local plumbers and the latest technology and equipment. We create a customized Copper Repiping plumbing solution for your home or office to fix your Plumbing Emergency. Copper Repiping is a process of refitting existing pipes in a dwelling or business. Most structures built 25 or more years ago were fitted with iron pipes coated with zinc, normally called galvanized pipes. As the galvanized pipes age, the zinc lining tends to erode allowing rust to form. Once galvanized pipes begin to deteriorate, they need to be replaced. Most people prefer to replace galvanized pipes with copper pipes, in a process referred to as Copper Repiping.

Here are more examples of signs showing that it’s time for Copper Repiping.

  • When tap water appears discolored due to rust or Yellow water
  • When a foul odor comes from the tap
  • When pipes begin to leak or have slab leaks
  • When you get Scalded in the Shower when someone flushes, uses a sink or turns on the washing machine


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Looking for alegitlocal plumber in LA? Well, look no more! Craig's Plumbing is a Los Angeles based company that has 30 years of experience. Our certified plumbers are seasoned in plumbing, rooter, sewer repair and drain cleaning services. We are passionate, people-loving, local plumbers who tend to our beloved community:LOS ANGELES.

We specialize in residential and commercial. 24-hour emergency plumbing services are available; we are responsive and quick! It matters to us that your plumbing is working great and that you are pleased with the results, quality & price of our work.